Rochelle Nation’s eponymous jewelry line exudes organic opulence. The Atlanta-based artisan incorporates materials like mixed metals, gemstones, resin, and vintage components to handcraft intricate, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

With an eye for conceptualizing timeless works of art that radiate rustic elegance, Nation architects keepsakes that make both an architectural and fashion statement.

After debuting over a decade ago in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, the Rochelle Nation collection has evolved into meticulously-sculpted metal-art. From her suburban studio, Nation dedicates time and talent into crafting modern silhouettes that are both bold and sleek.

She fuses multiple jewelry making elements and components to seamlessly tie all of her designs together in one cohesive collection.  Radiance is sparked into copper that’s hand-forged, hammered and etched to produce creations that stand out in a sea of sterling silver that dominates the marketplace.  Signature collections feature wire wrapped gemstone rings and earrings, riveted bangles, oxidized cuffs, embossed necklaces, and resin watch case adornments.

The company’s brand philosophy is one that conveys raw sophistication and garners a dedicated audience of collectors.  From commissions to create custom jewelry for weddings and chic events to partnerships with wholesalers, Rochelle Nation relishes in creating well-made pieces that satisfy individual expression.

The Rochelle Nation signature has earned the respect and admiration of galleries and specialty boutiques, where the line is unveiled at trunk and fashion shows.

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